Chanpon is the first Ramen

Born in Nagasaki, Kenichi grew up in the middle of the birthplace of what is, today - Ramen. Prior to the creation of Ramen, "Chanpon" was originally created in the early restaurants of Nagasaki as a simple, inexpensive meal that could feed the hungry workers. It is prepared differently than Ramen with usually more ingredients than traditional Ramen and the whole mixture of noodles, vegetables, meat and toppings being assembled and cooked in a wok and then put into the soup to create a richer, more nutritional meal than Ramen. 

Chinese Influence

In Japan, there were two major "China towns" - one in Yokohama and another in Nagasaki. Of Kenichi's memories growing up, there was a distinct influence of Chinese cuisine in his daily life - that was the design of the everyday food that he grew up with. Today, he infuses these familiar cooking styles and flavors within the cuisine he makes in his restaurants as well as for his family and friends.


Miki, Kenichi's wife helps get the whole family involved in the catering business.